What We Do

Vision Statement

Robinwood seeks to take Jesus to Seagoville in the same ways that the early church reached her community in the book of Acts.  First, she focused on praising Jesus through large group worship and small group fellowship.  Second, she focused on equipping and mobilizing her membership to serve and to take Jesus to their neighbors.  Third, she was intentional in taking the good news of Jesus to those who had never heard.  We have organized our ministries around these three emphases:  Exalting the Savior, Equipping the Saints, and Evangelizing Sinners.

Exalting the Savior

Every aspect of our ministry exalts Jesus in some way, but our Sunday Morning activities focus primarily on Exalting the Savior.  Our Morning Worship service focuses on prayer, singing, giving, and preaching to point our attention to Jesus.  Our Sunday School classes focus on prayer, ministry, fellowship, and teaching to encourage one another to follow Jesus.  Please visit our Exalting the Savior Page for more details.


Equipping the Saints

We strive to be doers of the Word and not hearers only, and so we teach our church to obey all that Jesus commands us.  We train and equip with the focus on engaging our members in service and mission.  We equip our members through a small group setting called Sunday School.  We also equip through periodically training courses and personal mentorship.

Evangelizing Sinners

We believe that the main goal of the church is to make disciples by winning them to faith in Jesus.  This can only be accomplished as unsaved people hear the truth of the gospel and respond with faith.  We believe that Christians should engage in telling people about Jesus both in their daily lives and as an intentional strategy of the church.